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Since 1856, C.J. Holt & Co., Inc. (Holt) has been providing clients with the specialized knowledge necessary to realize their full duty drawback potential. Our company has played an essential role in the development of the U.S. drawback regulations, been at the forefront of the industry organizations, and provided in-depth education to the trade community for the past 150 years.

Holt is proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Comstock & Theakston, Inc. (Comstock) since 1987 and together these two long-standing service providers offer unparalleled expertise to guarantee you receive the highest refund possible through an efficient and compliant duty drawback program.

Our full joint website, dutydrawback.com, provides additional information on our companies, staff, services, and resources. It also contains a means to calculate your drawback potential and houses information about the informative duty drawback seminars and webinars we offer. Please click the button on the right to be redirected to the dutydrawback.com page.

What is Duty Drawback?

Duty drawback is the refund on duties and fees paid on imported merchandise that is exported or used in the manufacturing of exported merchandise. U.S. Customs will refund up to 99% of the original duties and fees paid by the importer and will allow the claimant to reach back and claim drawback on export transactions that are up to three years old. The rights to claim duty drawback can be assigned to or from importers, exporters, or other parties in the supply chain.

It is estimated that only 30% of the companies with a duty drawback opportunity are claiming their refunds – mostly because they don’t know this program is available to them! Contact us, and we will assess and analyze your opportunity and get you started on recovering the refunds that are owed to you.

"Their depth of knowledge and their level of professionalism have been a real asset to our company in enabling us to maximize our drawback duty refunds."

Valued client for more than 25 years

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In an effort to provide a better service to our customers we have combined our 2 websites into one. Our new website contains a wealth of information, resources, as well as easy online registration for our educational duty drawback seminars and webinars. The new URL is www.dutydrawback.com. Please click the button below to view the full site. Go to DutyDrawback.com